Why You Need a Food Analysis Laboratory

17th November 2020

Food Analysis Laboratory Testing.

We are a food analysis laboratory in Hull, offering testing services to the health, health-food and food industries. Food safety is important for not only the manufacturer but for the consumer too, so here is why you should have food products analysed professionally in a laboratory.


To legally import food into the UK or market it to the UK, it needs to be tested to ensure it meets regulations for food for human consumption. Our lab is able to provide several food analysis services to ensure standard are met.

Quality Control for Food

We provide QC Testing in Hull for the food and health-food sectors, which is a vital service when analysing food products before their distribution onto the UK shelves. We carry out a wide range of specialist techniques during Quality Control (QC) Testing including HPLC, GLC, AA, FTIR, Disintegration, Dissolution and UV/Vis.

Types of Food Analysis

When analysing food in our GMB laboratory, we can analyse chemical composition, physical and chemical properties, possible contaminants, shelf life and stability, and more.

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