Explore Our Laboratory

1st November 2021

Our team members here at Marfleet Analytical are all from either a food industry or pharmaceutical background, enabling us to offer a wide range of services to many different customers. We all have a common vision to deliver a high standard of work to our clients. Our GMP approved laboratory is based in Hull, inspected, and authorised by the MHRA.

So, let’s explore what goes on in our lab.

  • Quality Control Testing – We provide QCT testing services for the pharmaceutical, health-food and food sectors. Our analytical services cover a variety of products such as capsules, tablets, liquids, and edible oils.
  • Stability Testing and Storage – We house a large stability suite with over 15,000 litres of storage, qualified to ICH standards. We offer bespoke non-ICH storage solutions for both the short term and long-term stability trials to suit your needs. Our storage is offered at the following: 5oC/, 25oC/60%rh, 30oC/65%rh, 30oC/75%rh and 40oC/75%rh.
  • Important Testing – We can support your MIA for release testing into the UK market.
  • Medical Devices – Testing of Medical Devices for use in the NHS.
  • Waste and Water Quality Testing – We provide quality testing of water and waste for different sectors.

Now you have an insight of what we do and the services we offer here at Marfleet, get in touch with us for more information about our services. You can contact us on 01482 714891 or email us info@marfleetanalytic-x1qy79h068.live-website.com