Welcome to Our New Website

3rd July 2020

We’re very excited to announce that our new website is live! We thought it was time for a fresh look for our business, so we have modernised our website and made it easier for you to discover the leading analytical services our lab offers.

This update allows to find out more about our lab, including information on the testing we are authorised by MHRA and approved by cGMP to carry out. These testing methods, such as dissolution and particle analysing, are beneficial to many different industries across the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

You’ll also be able to see photos from inside our lab, giving you an insight into the specialist equipment and dedicated suites we house.

We have also upgraded our services page, providing all the information you need on our quality control testing, stability testing & storage, CBD TPD, importation testing, pharmaceutical analysis, waste & water quality testing, and method development & validation.

We hope you like these changes and find our site easier to navigate than ever before. If you have any queries surrounding our analytical services, please contact us on 01482 714891 or at info@marfleetanalytic-x1qy79h068.live-website.com. We are still here to support you through COVID-19.