Hope to see you at SCS Formulate!

Hope to see you at SCS Formulate!

This week, Marfleet Analytical Services is excited to attend this year’s SCS Formulate.

Over the two-day event you can come and see us at Stand 400 to meet our experts in Cosmetic and Personal Care analysis and regulatory compliance who are looking forward to connecting with you!

Event Date: Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th November 2023.

Event Location: Coventry Building Society Arena, Pheonix Way, Foleshill, Coventry, CV6 6GE

Contact us to arrange an appointment!

Our team members here at Marfleet Analytical are all from either a food industry or pharmaceutical background, enabling us to offer a wide range of services to many different customers. We all have a common vision to deliver a high standard of work to our clients. Our GMP approved laboratory is based in Hull, inspected, and authorised by the MHRA.

So, let’s explore what goes on in our lab.

  • Quality Control Testing – We provide QCT testing services for the pharmaceutical, health-food and food sectors. Our analytical services cover a variety of products such as capsules, tablets, liquids, and edible oils.
  • Stability Testing and Storage – We house a large stability suite with over 15,000 litres of storage, qualified to ICH standards. We offer bespoke non-ICH storage solutions for both the short term and long-term stability trials to suit your needs. Our storage is offered at the following: 5oC/, 25oC/60%rh, 30oC/65%rh, 30oC/75%rh and 40oC/75%rh.
  • Important Testing – We can support your MIA for release testing into the UK market.
  • Medical Devices – Testing of Medical Devices for use in the NHS.
  • Waste and Water Quality Testing – We provide quality testing of water and waste for different sectors.

Now you have an insight of what we do and the services we offer here at Marfleet, get in touch with us for more information about our services. You can contact us on 01482 714891 or email us info@marfleetanalytic-x1qy79h068.live-website.com

Food Analysis Laboratory Testing.

We are a food analysis laboratory in Hull, offering testing services to the health, health-food and food industries. Food safety is important for not only the manufacturer but for the consumer too, so here is why you should have food products analysed professionally in a laboratory.


To legally import food into the UK or market it to the UK, it needs to be tested to ensure it meets regulations for food for human consumption. Our lab is able to provide several food analysis services to ensure standard are met.

Quality Control for Food

We provide QC Testing in Hull for the food and health-food sectors, which is a vital service when analysing food products before their distribution onto the UK shelves. We carry out a wide range of specialist techniques during Quality Control (QC) Testing including HPLC, GLC, AA, FTIR, Disintegration, Dissolution and UV/Vis.

Types of Food Analysis

When analysing food in our GMB laboratory, we can analyse chemical composition, physical and chemical properties, possible contaminants, shelf life and stability, and more.

For more information or to enquire, contact us on 01482 714891 or info@marfleetanalytic-x1qy79h068.live-website.com.


Do you require stability testing for a product in the food, health-food or health sector? We can take away the burden of sourcing ICH stability testing, by taking care of the entire process in our cGMP approved laboratory.

Operating since 2014, our stability testing and storage specialists in Hull can provide ICH (International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use) approved analytical services.

Alongside stability testing, our laboratory can also provide ICH and bespoke non-ICH storage solutions – whether you’re looking for short term or long term stability trials.

With over 15,000 litres of storage available, we offer storage at:

• 5°C
• 25°C / 60% rh
• 30°C / 65% rh
• 30°C / 75% rh
• 40°C / 75% rh

We are able to provide stability testing & storage in Hull and across the UK, and we are still open for business throughout the pandemic. To enquire about this service, contact us on 01482 714891.


As a laboratory specialising in the testing of healthcare, health food and food products, we offer TPD compliance testing in Hull for companies both UK-wide and internationally.

What is TPD?

The TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) is a directive of the European Union which places limits on the sale of tobacco products and sets regulations to ensure these products are produced to a certain standard. These regulations apply to products including cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars, electronic cigarettes and herbal products for smoking. TPD regulations ensure:

  • Minimum standards for safety and quality of all e-cigarettes and e-liquids.
  • Adequate information is provided to customers to allow them to make informed choices.
  • E-cigarette tanks are restricted to a capacity of no more than 2ml.
  • Nicotine-containing products have child-resistant and temper evident packaging.

And more.

What do we test for TDP compliance?

As part of the lab services we offer in Hull, we can test e-cigarettes, liquids and juices. We are also able to test CBD products such as CBD oils used for vaping.

Why is TDP compliance testing important?

Compliance testing for TPD is crucial for ensuring your tobacco related product complies with EU standards and can be marketed legally.

To enquire about this service, please call 01482 714891 or email info@marfleetanalytic-x1qy79h068.live-website.com.


Our laboratory in Hull has built up a reputation for providing high quality, fully compliant testing services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, but did you know we also test health foods and foods? Food analysis delves into the sensory, chemical, microbiological and physical properties of the product to make sure quality is assured and the product complies with market regulations.

Testing for health-food and food sectors in our cGMP approved laboratory include:

Quality Control Testing

When carrying out Quality Control (QC) Testing, we utilise a range of specialist techniques including HPLC, GLC, AA, FTIR, Disintegration, Dissolution and UV/Vis.

Stability Testing & Storage

Our state of the art laboratory houses a stability suite with over 15,000 litres of storage, qualified to ICH standards. We use this to carry out stability trials at a range of temperatures from 5 °C to 40 °C, depending on your individual stability storage requirements for health-food and food products.

For more information on our food analysis services or to enquire, please call us on 01482 714891 or email info@marfleetanalytic-x1qy79h068.live-website.com.


As a cGMP accredited laboratory, we offer a multitude of analytical services including Quality Control (QC) testing, HPLC analysis, raw materials analysis, and stability testing & storage. Alongside these lab services, we are proud to be able to support the oil and gas sectors with oil analysis.

With over two decades of experience, our specialist team can analyse oil using ASTM and ISO approved methods.

Testing and analysis of oil is vital during upstream, midstream and downstream oil processes for the production of high-quality oil. It ensures the oil is high purity, does not cause equipment corrosion, and can be traded and distributed.

So why choose Marfleet Analytical for oil analysis services? It’s simple, our laboratory is fully inspected and approved by the MHRA and is operated by a team of dedicated, highly knowledgeable individuals. We take pride in offering excellent customer service and accurate testing.

To enquire about this service, please call us on +44 (0) 1482 714891 or email info@marfleetanalytic-x1qy79h068.live-website.com.


We’re very excited to announce that our new website is live! We thought it was time for a fresh look for our business, so we have modernised our website and made it easier for you to discover the leading analytical services our lab offers.

This update allows to find out more about our lab, including information on the testing we are authorised by MHRA and approved by cGMP to carry out. These testing methods, such as dissolution and particle analysing, are beneficial to many different industries across the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

You’ll also be able to see photos from inside our lab, giving you an insight into the specialist equipment and dedicated suites we house.

We have also upgraded our services page, providing all the information you need on our quality control testing, stability testing & storage, CBD TPD, importation testing, pharmaceutical analysis, waste & water quality testing, and method development & validation.

We hope you like these changes and find our site easier to navigate than ever before. If you have any queries surrounding our analytical services, please contact us on 01482 714891 or at info@marfleetanalytic-x1qy79h068.live-website.com. We are still here to support you through COVID-19.


Marfleet Analytical Services are now the proud sponsors of the South Holderness Swimming Club, providing the tracksuit tops for the full squad.